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Rejuva-Slim Spa Capsule

Author : Date : 1/23/2013 7:32:55 PM

Rejuva-Slim Spa Capsule


* Lose Inches
* Decrease Cellulite
* Tone Your Skin
* Slim Your Body

All while relaxing all of your senses with a high-performance massage and soothing aromatherapy.


What is It?

The Rejuva-Slim Spa Capsule may be the perfect system for weight loss, anti-cellulite, massage, anti-aging, and de-stressing.

This slimming program was developed by doctors and is based on the science of non-surgical body slimming – a subcutaneous lipo-reduction and circumferential attenuation through high frequency oxygenated hydrotherapy, massage therapy and aroma therapy.


How It Works?

Spa Capsule treatment delivers a customized High Frequency Oxygen Infused Mechanical Stimulation that incorporates high pressure hydro-massage therapy, oxygen therapy and aromatherapy.

Spa Capsule aggressively targets the cellulite-prone areas producing quick slimming results, skin toning, and weight-loss.

Spa Capsule activates healthy blood circulation, flushes out toxins and rids excess fluids from cellulite-prone

You may notice your skin feeling tingly, smoother, firmer and tighter following the initial treatment!

There is no discomfort of any kind – you can return back to your daily routines right after the treatment.

There is no need to undress! You remain entirely dressed during your body-slimming treatment. No special attire, no oils or creams!


Cellulite, Inch Loss & Weight Reduction Research

"A Scientific DERMSCAN study (France 2010) of Spa Capsule users documents a significant – overall weight loss, skin texture, skin elasticity and a decrease in the circumference of the hips, thighs and stomach in women!".

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