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M8 dermapen
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Product name : EZ water meso gun
Item : AF-F13H
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 What is hyaluronic acid  injection?
Use microneedle technology to inject  hylauronic acid into the skin dermis  to make skin rejuvenation, tighten,brighten, is  very popular among the  star celebrities, they are regularly do this treatment for skin care.
A large percentage of our skin (approximately 56%) is made up from  Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a highly absorbent substance that hydrates and  creates volume. As we age, our levels of HA decrease, causing fine  lines, wrinkles and dehydrated skin. Luckily, help is at hand with  HA  gel that is injected directly into the skin to boost its  injecting hylaruonic acid which adds moisture to dermis skin by using  multi-neiddles to inject evenly, it is the most powerful anti-aging  treatment for maintaining elastic, even the skin tone,stimulates  collagen growing, make skin youthful from deeper layer,look nature  rejuvenation, tighten,moisture, like baby`s skin.
On the other hand, because HA it`s nature element as we own of our body,  it will catabolism , that is mean, the marvelous results couldn`t  lasting long time. so this is kind of skin care process,and do more  time, more better effect, it changes the skin quality slowly, but go to  clinic cost much,with this portable intelligent control injector pen,  totally can do at home, easy and convenience.

Intended use : Appliance to inject other drugs ,No direct contact with human body,Assist in constant quantity and speed injection .
Power : Battery embedded ,Lithium Polymer Battery (8.4V,500mAh)
Charger :Adapter input 110-220v 50/60Hz 
Output : DC 12V 1A
Duration time :About 2000 shots after full charge .
Power cnsumption : 4w
Depth: 2mm
Material :ABS
LCD screen : 1.5 inch 
1). Skin rejuvenation ,wrinkle removal and pigmentation removal.
2). Skin tightening, eliminate cellulite, and promote weight loss.
3). Enhance skin metabolism, anti—aging.
4).Activation of collagen cells, enhancing skin elasticity and gloss.
5). Remove facial fine lines and crow's feet, plain word lines ,etc.

Mesotherapy Gun Feature:
1).It can use in hospital to have an injection.
2).It can use in shallow skin and deep skin ,make it smooth and remove the wrinkle and so on.
3).The effect of this machine is very fast,no need to use it very often

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