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Products > Slimming Machine > > 3zone far infrared slimming blanket
Product name : 3zone far infrared slimming blanket
Item : VS-8001
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Product Description 

New-style 3 Zone FIR Sauna Slimming Blanket includes controlling unit and exothermic units. The exothermic
units are made up of up-zone spectrum (Breast), middle-zone spectrum (Abdomen) and down-zone spectrum
(Thighs), and the time and temperature of 3 zones is controlled separately.

It uses the radiation and penetration function of far infrared heat energy, soften and dissolve fats to expel sweat,
detoxify and burn fat, activate cells and rejuvenate body and strengthen metabolism. Close range FIR with
temperature control over the whole body, ideal and effective modern  hi-tech system generally used in beauty
salons , weight losing centers and even at home.

Advantage (infrared thermal slimming blanket)   

-Safety water proof soft material with flexible tensile capabilities even in various sleeping position
-Safety heating wire is designed to withstand any atretches or bends
-Outside are top grade PU material, inside are waterproof PVC
-Infrared dry heating
-Three heating zones cover and act on your arms
-You can adjust the temperature from 37-75 degree.

-There are four pieces Thermostat which can automatically cut off the electricity for over heating.
-The time can be adjusted from 20-60 min.
-The three heating zone slimming blanket make the arms, waist and legs to loss weight seperately or
together by adjusting main engine. High quality thick PU feel soft.


Function (infrared thermal slimming blanket) 

- Keep beauty
Promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, strength muscle nutrient, it also active cell and
eliminate heavy ions and toxin

 - Weight loss

Accelarate merabolism , so as to make the cell of fat break down quickly.

 - Body shaping

It can let skin to absorb the nutrient and inside the skin.Make the skin smooth and beauty 


- Keep health
Improve insomnia, constipation, endocrine dyscrasia and arthritis. Improve human immunity.



Item Name and Mode

New-style FIR sauna blanket  S-103A


flocking fabric, PVC, jade stone ,tourmaline stone

Time Setting


Temp Setting

25-80 Celsius degree







  3 heating zones for upper, waist and lower body respectively
  EMC,EMF and LVD approved
 Special heating pad for focus heat
 Velcro for easily lay in and out
 Spiral interface of the controller box make safer and more reliable
 Four overheating protection devices in blanket, two in controller box to keep the safety 

Heating Wire

Carbon fiber giving out FIR


Warranty is one year

Accept OEM



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