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Products > Home use mini device > > Ultrasonic & Ionic Skin Cleaner
Product name : Ultrasonic & Ionic Skin Cleaner
Item : AF-M91B
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 Ultrasonic & Ionic Skin Cleaner  
1. Ultrasonic peeling deep cleansing
2. Rechargeable and plug-in are both available
Working principles 
The skin scrubber cleansing apparatus adopts supersonic wave and nanotechnology to arouse violent vibration of 1.65 million times per second via fierce frictions among the molecules.Through high frequency vibrations, shovel-type cleansing beauty apparatus can carry out deep- massage, which will promote the motion of fat while improving the micro circulation, stimulate the combustion, splitting and conversion of the lipocyte into metabolite and further discharge out of the body so as to achieve cleansing effects. By adopting shovel-type probe, it can go deep into the skin by 3~7cm, thin and atomize the dedicated beauty lotion through acoustical oscillation to emulsify the filth and redundant sebum, the leftovers of the makeup in the pores and sweat scale and eliminate along with the splashed water. As a fastest and most effective cleansing method, it can remove filth, corneum, fat granule and acne etc., make the skin with better absorption so as to achieve the effect of deeply cleansing and healthy whitening.
Function of sonic:
1, Remove acne: Get rid of the acne of stoma with water in a short time by sonic shake
2, Remove blain: Atomize distilled water by sonic shake, clean the dirty material and improve all skin problem
3, Remove dead skin: With the help of water, remove dead skin and clean in a short time by shake sonic
4, Remove wrinkle: Sonic will keep the skin warm in order to remove wrinkle
5, Remove melanin: With the help of water, decompose melanin and desalt melanin
1.Deep cleansing & heath whitening 
An operation way of 45 degree angle shall be adopted to accelerate the metabolism of epidermic cells and renew its normal upgrading rate, enhance the shedding of the aged and irregular aberrant cells, soften the keratin, reorder the epidermic cells while restoring the skin elasticity and reverting to a firm, smooth and delicate skin.
2.Leading-in nutrition & activating skin 
By adopting ultrasonic vibration theory and tepid effect, it can promote blood circulation inside the dermis, accelerate lymphatic return, discharge toxin which accumulated in the deeper skin and eliminate dead cell to avoid Corneous layer cells accumulation excessively, thus to make the moisture and nutrition to transfer rapidly, enhance cell’s penetrability, strengthen skin care product absorption, improve skin moisten. It can improve complexion, skin texture, eliminate darkness and skin whitening.

1. Deeply clear and clean up aged horniness.
2. Reduce melanin to get a whiten skin.
3. In-depth eliminates the wrinkle, strengthens the skin elasticity.
4. Improve blood circulation and lymph metabolism.
5. Strengthen the skin cell reproductive property and the permeability.
6. Accelerate the absorption of nutrition.
1. Exfoliate dead skin cells for a clearer, healthier complexion without the redness and irritation sometimes associated with micro dermabrasion.
2. Loosen and remove oil, dirt and cellular debris from follicles for cleaner, healthier skin. Pores diminish in size and bacteria levels are reduced.
3. Gently stimulate skin to produce collagen and elastic. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished; skin is restored to a smooth, youthful glow and maintained with regular treatments.
4. Aid in penetrating skin care products deep into the skin and it is more effective as it penetrates and acts deep within the skin.
5. This "Ultrasonic Facial" process is gentle, non-invasive, safe and suitable for all skin types, from Acne to Rosacea and Mature skin. Even the most sensitive skin will benefit from treatments without any significant erythema (redness) as a result of the treatment. Any erythema that does occur diminishes rapidly after treatment.
Operate Method:
1. Clean facial skin
2. The cleaning fluid to the skin
3. Shovel head sideways to move slowly in the region need to clean up
3. Each time 10 minutes advisable
4. Clean the skin, shovel head and use alcohol disinfection
Product size:4.5cm*15.5cm*2cm
Product weight:65g
Package Size:9.4*17.7*5.3m/box
Carton size: 54.3x36.6x19.7cm (40pcs per carton)
GW: 9.3KG (40pcs per carton)
Input:AC100-240V  50/60Hz
Output:DC9V  500mA(plug in type) or DC 5V 1A (Rechargebale type)
Power: 3W
Package Includes:
1 x Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
1 x Charger
1 x Manual

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