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Products > Sauna Spa series > > Luxury royal tunnel SPA capsule
Product name : Luxury royal tunnel SPA capsule
Item : w027
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 1)Far infrared ray and near infrared ray combine to penetrate into skin tissue by 30%,which can dissolve obdurate fat lump in a more powerful manner,prevent re-accumulation of fat and ease pain. 

2)The latest four-color(red,yellow,green and blue) rays are added to give full play of optical physical effect and improve metabolism,stretching and reforming skin tissue,recovering the densification and elasticity of skin.Such features are more advanced and superior to that of like products.

3)360-degree,three-dimensional and all-directional radiation system Powerful breakup of fat with light-wave heat energy triggered by synchronized light and electric current. 

4)Able to realize quick dissolution of fat 15-min radiation and pulse synchronization physiotherapy equals to consumption of 600-800 caloricity,amounting to running/moving for 3 hours or taking vapour sauna for 6 hours. 

5)Electrode pack: Combining traditional Chinese medical researches in the field of main and collateral channels and western medicine,this function,aimed at the stomach can stimulate the peristalsis of stomach and intestines,adjust qi and blood,dredge the main and collateral channels, and meanwhile make the muscles move passively.

  6)Paste Sticking: Different acupoints are utilized in different courses for different curative effect.Ten kinds of computer programs are preset for this function.

7)Music theraphy: DVD/MP3playing system makes you relaxed and refreshed physically and mentally.







Main function

Body sauna, slimming body,shape body,Health care physical therapy



Beauty   salon,skin care center,clinic with Health care physical therapy


Packaging standard

Factory   standard,products are packed by standard export carton or according to   customers' requirements


Product size



Package size

Three package,1.Infrared   bed:227X101X79CM,2.Front capsule:112X62X138CM,3.Back   capsule:112X62X148CM,Total volume:4 cube

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