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Product name : leg and waist pressotherapy
Item : S22
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 What is the lymphatic drainage pressotherapie ?
Pressotherapy is a relaxing and invigorating compression therapy system, designed to help win the battle against cellulite and body aging. It consists of a pump which supplies air to garments worn over the areas of the body to be treated. The pump fills air cells within the garments in a special sequence, alternating waves of compression with brief periods of pause and refill.A state of the art lymphatic drainage massage system providing client+s with spectacular results in a short time.
It is used by aesthetic professionals in salons, clinics, and spas. It markedly helps to treat cellulite and with body forming. It is also a necessary tool in studios where cavitation, ibeauty or RF treatments are operated. Operation at pressures from 20 to 80mmHg, and offers a wide range of different massage cycles
How does pressotherapy affect your body?
Circulatory systemThe massage will enhance blood circulation by gently applying unidirectional peristaltic pressure on peripheral veins. Blood circulation improved, the elimination of toxins is facilitated and more fresh oxygen reaches skin cells.
Digestive systemIt will compress and massage the abdomen. The result is relaxation of the abdominal muscles and at the same time a healthy stimulation of the bowel movements and more efficient evacuation of poisonous content.
Lymphatic systemLymphatic flow is enhanced. Lymph flow is improved, both in the peripheral and deep lymph nets.The results are the evacuation of metabolic residuals from the interstitial spaces. The immunologicalsystem is benefited as well.
Plastic surgery - pre/post liposuction (edema reduction, recovery)
Aesthetic salons - cellulite treatments, adjunctive treatment for vacuum roller (vacuomobilization) massage.
Spa/home use - cellulite treatments, massage and relaxation.
stimulates collagen strings in deeper levels of skin
increases the lymphatic flow
supports the metabolism of skin cells
lowers the effects of cellulite
reduces the volume of massaged parts
increases the skin elasticity
helps to increase the effects of cavitation and RF treatments
helps to reduce weight if used periodically

function: pressotherapy
air bags: 16 air bags
voltage: 220v or 110v

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