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Products > Slimming Machine > > 6 IN 1 Vela body shape machine
Product name : 6 IN 1 Vela body shape machine
Item : V10-2
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Vela Body Sculpting Vacuum Cavitation RF Machine for Slimming

Product Introduction

V10 is a multi-function operating system integrated instrument that combines the body and the face, 
Can improve problems such as body fat and facial aging, The instrument effectively heats the
subcutaneous tissue through radio frequency, negative pressure, roller, 40K and other comprehensive
functions, thereby promoting blood circulation, accelerate the metabolic rate of adipose tissue, 
ultimately achieve skin firming, reshaping the body's exquisite curve. It can effectively improve the
shaping of the leg, lifting the sagging hips, reducing the abdomen fat, enhance skin tightness, improve
stubborn hardened cellulite. Compared with traditional treatment methods, the advantage lies in
non-invasive, no harm to the human  body,it is  a good non-surgical body shaping method, facial
negative pressure RF head can regenerate collagen and elastic fibers,improve relaxation and wrinkle,
 RF heats subcutaneous fat to eliminate double chin obesity , In addition, combined with vacuum
negative pressure to drive lymphatic flow , Instantly enhance tightening and face-lifting .

Notes after treatment

1. Do not use cold water to clean treated area in 8 hours after treatment (except face)
1. Do not do massage on relative area
3. Avoid solarization in the first week after treatment
4.Can use milky skin care product on treated area
5.Do not eat raw,  cold or spicy food in 8 hours after treatment

Input voltage AC220V,50HZ/AC110V,60HZ
Power consumption 1000w
Fuse 10a
Vacuum pressure 0-100(KPA)
Output RF 5MHz
Output Supersound 40KHz
Infrared wavelength
Green Light wavelength 560nm
blue light wavelength 490nm
Roller speed 50r/minutes

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