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Products > Skin Care machine > > 4 in 1 4D hifu vaginal hifu with vmax and liposonic
Product name : 4 in 1 4D hifu vaginal hifu with vmax and liposonic
Item : S123
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 1. 4D hifu
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) directly delivers heat energy to skin and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin's collagen and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin.It literally achieves the results of a face lift or a body lifts without any invasive surgery or injections, moreover, an added bonus of this procedure is that there is no downtime. and also, it works equally well for people of all skin colour, in contrast to that of lasers and the
intense pulse lights.
* Face lifting (1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm)
4D hifu works for face lifting, skin tightening, wrinkles removal, V-line forming.
* Body slimming (6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 13.0mm, 16.0mm)
Whole body contouring of chest, arm, abdomen, thigh and legs.
2. Vaginal tightening
The Vagina Tightening uses an noninvasive ultrasonic focusing technique to directly focus on the mucosal lamia and muscle layer. Using ultrasonic waves as the energy source and taking advantage of its penetration and focality, the system will send out ultrasonic energy focusing in the the lamina propria and muscle fiber layer in a predetermined depth. A higher intensity of ultrasonic region, called focus region, is formed. In 0.1 second, the temperature of the region can reach to above 65 ℃ , so the
collagen is reorganized and the normal tissue outside the focal region is undamaged. Therefore, the desired depth layer can obtain the ideal effect of collagen contraction, reorganization and regeneration. Ultimately, the mysterious effect of vagina tightening is achieved.
(1) 4.5mm head produce the energy directly to the SMAS, make it thermal coagulation, make the SMAS tighten and lifting, let the muscles improved the muscle structure from deep to shallow, make better to help the muscle layer restor elasticity and tighten.
(2) 3.0mm head The power reaches the mucosa tissue directly to speed the cell activity, making the collagen newborn and reorganized and increasing the mucosa elasticity and contract the vagina muscle.
3. Liposonic
It is a non-invasive way for fat reduction and body contouring of the abdomen, thighs, which offers patients’ satisfactory experience with impressive and long-lasting effects.
4. Vmax
VMAX focuses energy shortly and intensively on the target area while rubbing probe, it makes less pain than other HIFU brands Various shot intensity, shot time and shot interval can be adjusted by user’s purpose. As applying rubbing operation, reducing shot and interval time, operation time can be shorter than normal HIFU operation. These shorter operation time enables to do more operations and it helps to get good results rapidly.

Liposonic cartridge 
0.8cm, 1.3cm
Model number
AC110/220±10% 50HZ/60HZ
Wrinkle Remover, Anti-aging , body slimming 
Treatment AREA
Face Body arm leg abdomen 
4d hifu Cartridge number
3.0, 4.5mm
vaginal cartridge
3.0, 4.5mm
Packing size
41×38×52cm  15.6kg
vmax cartridge
1.5,  3.0, 4.5mm

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