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Product name : Q2 ems bio pen led light dermapen micro needle pen
Item : Q2
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1. Introduction

Bio pen Q2 micro needle pen comes standard with titanium alloy needles and 2pcs 25pin needle heads The bio pen microneedle dermapen uses ems technology, LED light therapy and vibration massage principles.
Q2 is a beauty instrument that integrates microneedling, EMS electroporation, and LED skin care. lt is suitable for beauty salons and home-use. Equipped with an induction base, it stops when the pen is placed on the base. lt can meet the needs of skin care, hair growth and beard growth etc.

2. Function

(1) EMS technology is one of the principles of microneedling. It has penetration into the skin and helps skincare products to be absorbed deeper and better. At the same time, it stimulates aging cells, increases cell activity, promotes collagen reorganization, and restores skin elasticity;

(2) Microneedling is a minimally invasive repair method. When combined with the principle of electroporation technology, it can effectively enhance treatment and reduce the stinging sensation caused by microneedle skin trauma. (For example, to treat acne skin, you need to use microneedles with a needle length greater than 1.0mm to roll on the skin, but the stinging sensation will be obvious; if you use G5, you can use a needle length shorter than 1.0mm for treatment, and use the principle of microneedle superimposed electroporation. , can also satisfy the deep treatment of skin, greatly reduce the trauma of micro-needle to the skin, and reduce the stinging sensation of the skin.)

(3) LED phototherapy: blue light reduces inflammation, and red light can promote the repair of skin collagen fibrin, help skin healing, promote the absorption of cosmetics, and play a role in auxiliary treatment (blue light + vibration; red light + strong vibration);

(4) Vibration massage: It helps the friction of skin cells and enhances cell activity. At the same time, it reduces the pain of microneedle and promotes the absorption of cosmetics.

3. Feature

(1) Countless micro transcellular routes induce wound healing results an acceleration of Natural collagen induction in the dermal and basal layers;
(2) Transdermal drug delivery system;
(3) Guide in skin nutrition, extract and functional cosmetics.


4. Parameter
Speed level
5 speeds
Cartridge 9pin, 14pin, 25pin
EMS electroporation 3 levels
EMS frequency 0.5-0.7Hz

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