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Products > HIFU > > liposonic machine with 0.8 1.3cm Cartridge
Product name : liposonic machine with 0.8 1.3cm Cartridge
Item : VS-88
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 Liposonic is a local fat-dissolving device used for fat accumulation in waist, abdomen, back, hands, legs, buttocks, etc. Liposonic is different from traditional weight loss methods. It focuses more on non-invasive localized cellulite. It does not replace liposuction, but provides a safer solution than traditional liposuction.
The technology is non-invasive, non-bleeding, non-surgical, non-scarring, non-invasive, and highly safe.
Liposonic uses body probes of different depths (0.6cm, 0.8cm, 1.0cm, 1.3cm, 1.6cm), and converts focused ultrasound into 65~70 degree heat energy to crush and dissolve fat cells. The required fat cells are quickly crushed and dissolved in large particles of fat cells, reducing the amount of fat while stimulating the contraction and proliferation of collagen, quickly filling the gaps that appear after the ablation of fat, and the skin surface after treatment is thin and not wrinkled.
It will not cause damage to the epidermis, blood vessels, nerves and muscle tissue, and the crushed fat will be excreted with the body's metabolism. Permanently destroy subcutaneous fat, directly reduce the amount of fat without rebound within once. After one-hour course of treatment, the body circumferenc will be reduced by an average of 2-6 cm, showing multiple effects of fat reduction, skin tightening and shaping. For severe local obesity, it will take 1-3 times to achieve the desired effect.
Liposonic adopts a circular custom contour output system. The treatment probe emits 24 energy lines in the treatment area. There are 24 energy lines in one shot with 576 focusing points, which can accurately and completely crush the amount of fat. The adipose tissue is destroyed immediately during the treatment, and the body circumference is reduced by 2-6 cm immediately after the treatment. After the fat metabolism is completed within 8-12 weeks, the effect will be better
In a single treatment, Liposonic can permanently destroy subcutaneous fat, directly reduce the amount of fat. The destroyed fat cells are gone forever, which can maintain a slim and good figure for a long time.

Input voltage

 AC100V~240V 50/60Hz

Output Power

≤150 V/A

working frequency


Liposonic energy

0.5 J/cm2 to 100 J/cm2

Maximum number of points for a single output focus

576 points

Points for a single row output

24 array

Probe depth

0.8 & 1.3cm

Operating Voltage


Maximum power


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