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M8 dermapen
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Product name : mini hifu machine home use
Item : M89-2
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Ultrasonic radio frequency instrument is a three-in-one function instrument integrating ultrasonic/RF/microelectricity. The HIFU ultrasonic focus point acts on the SMAS layer of the human body to reorganize the collagen in the SMAS tissue without damaging the normal tissues, thereby achieving the effect of fascia lifting; RF radio frequency can emit 1 million micro-waves per second to warm the skin deeply , Opening the pores is conducive to other skin care and cleansing; the EMS micro-electric pulse function can lift and tighten the skin and massage the skin.

Work Theory
Ultrasonic waves which produced by high frequency vibration of 1 million times per second, have deep penetrability. When human body absorb the ultrasonic waves, the sound energy can convert into heat energy, which can gently and imperceptibly massage skin cells under warm heat effect, promote capillary blood circulation, accelerate metabolism to absorb nutrition, improve immune system, activate skin
cells and restrain germs’ breed.

Electro Muscle Stimulator
This Electro Muscle Stimulator exercises your muscles,helps you lose weight and firm your skin,brings you charming body lines!

RF waves deeply penetrate skin tissue, heating it up and stimulating collagen and elastin production, result in smoother, tighter, and youthful skin

Main function
1). Remove body fat
2). Deeding improve skin, stimulate cell
3). Improve metabolism
4). Stimulate muscle to massage body acupoint
5). Deeping improve skin .
6). Losing fat and slimming body
7). Deep clean skin toxin
Product No
Work Principle
1MHz Ultrasonic + RF+Electro Muscle Stimulator
Output frequency
AC100V ~ 240V

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