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M8 dermapen
Products > Slimming Machine > > STARVAC vacuum breast enlargement
Product name : STARVAC vacuum breast enlargement
Item : S72T
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Mechanical vacuum massage affects fat cells, connective tissue, vascular and lymphatic system more efficiently than any other manual massage. By applying suction, the cells of fat tissue get disrupted and are subsequently washed away through the lymphatic system. The treatment is rather pleasant and the application is based on individual sensitivity and skin condition. The skin is sucked under pressure into two little moving rollers.The duration of the treatment of one body part varies from 20 to 40 minutes.It is recommendable to subsequently apply a special body wrap and finalising treatment in the form of mechanical lymphatic drainage (Pneuven).This device can be applied widely thanks to its system of exchangeable suction heads and flasks. Its range of application includes removal of bags under the eyes, double chin, s trengthening of deflated skin. Description of Accessories: 2 pcs Stravac Vacuum Rollers Lymph drainage vacuum massage is designated to drain the liquids; it is performed by movements from the end of the legs to the top, there is generated temporary pressure of tissues by moving tips and rolls. The massage improves lymph flow, allows faster removal of toxins, it activates the activity of secretion glands, improves blood circulation, supply of skin with oxygen. It is applied in case of cellulite, swellings of legs and performed before anti-cellulite procedures. Basic Suction Cups 4 pcs Starvac Double Cups (blue cups) While performing the slimming vacuum massage there is activated lymph outage, stimulated the microcirculation of skin and hypoderma; it accelerates the adhesion of fatty cells, skin becomes smooth and stiff; there decrease the volumes of buttocks in the areas of thighs and waist. 6 pcs Starvac Basic Cups (white cups) The task of anti-cellulite massage is to fragment the hypodermic fatty tissue, remove toxic substances from the organism, improve blood circulation of the skin and muscles; it makes the skin more elastic. It relaxes, tones, improves general condition, mood and sleep. Feeling of warmth and lightness, which appears after the procedure will provide with vitality and energy. Functions: 1. shape the contours of body. 2. increase muscle activity cellulite removal. 3. improves skin tone and accelerates its toxins. 4. speeds up the elimination of toxins. 5. whole body massage and relax effect. 6. vacuum therapy to lose weight.
Brand name
Model number
220±10 V AC/110±10 V AC, 50/60Hz
Spare part
12 pcs
1)lymphatic drainage
3)Breast Enhancers 
4)butt lifting 5)weight loss 
6)body shaping

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